The United States Navy is one of the two smaller forces in the game. It is only significant for those owning the US Ship Pack 1 expansion and may join the war on either side.

Historical BackgroundEdit

Founded in the War of Independence, the United States Navy started small and remained a minor force until the Civil War, which briefly made it the largest navy in the world. After an era of decline, the United States recognized the need for a blue water navy, and the Navy has expanded greatly since then. With its first substantial victory against a foreign power in the 1898 war against Spain, America now also has a colonial empire and overseas bases from which it can project naval power, and she was among the first navies to order all-big-gun-battleships. The outbreak of the war has divided the nation: a great part of the population has sympathies for either side, and it is hard to predict whether the United States Navy will help the Royal Navy to bring down the Hochseeflotte or seize the opportunity to acquire a large chunk of the British colonial empire by siding with Germany. All United States Navy ships bear the pretext U.S.S., standing for United States Ship.

The United States Navy at WarEdit

Technology and strategy Edit

The capital ships of the United States Navy are quite similar to the German and British ones, but also have a number of original qualities. They tend to be very well protected and have a very long cruising range, but are rather slow compared to the capital ships of other nations. A striking optical feature are the lattice masts, which are typical for ships of the US Navy or of American construction. All American capital ships serving in European waters are combined in one battle squadron.

Known weaknesses Edit

Although the American ships are well armed, their crews and officers generally lack experience, since the last major war was fought almost twenty years ago. Damage control and targeting accuracy tend to suffer from this fact as well, although the US Navy battleship do not share the Royal Navy's tendency to blow up from a catastrophic propellant charge detonation.

War Ensign Edit

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