HMS Tartar of the Tribal class


The Tribal class destroyers were the first to be equipped with turbine engines exclusively. Despite their dramatically raised top speed of 33 knots, eight knots faster than the preceding River class, their range is still insufficient and makes them unsuitable for fleet operations outside home waters.

Ship data

Relative combat value: 170

Basic damage control capacity: 78%


Displacement: 850 tons

Length: 82 m

Width: 8 m

Draught: 3 m

Standard crew: 68


Maximum speed (undamaged): 33 knots

Endurance: 1853 km

Coal capacity: 200 tons

Armour protection

Conning tower armour: 0

Hull armour: 0

Main belt armour: 0

Deck armour: 0

Best armour type: None


2 x 2-pdr Mk II Pom-poms, centrally controlled. Ammo: 1600 rounds

5 x 12-pdr 12cwt QF Mk IIs, centrally controlled. Ammo: 750 rounds

2 x 18in Mk VII Torpedoes, centrally controlled. Ammo: 2 torpedoes

Ships in class

  • Tartar
  • Mohawk
  • Ghurka
  • Cossack
  • Afridi

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