SMS G101


This class of destroyers was originally built for the Argentine Navy, but taken over by Germany after the outbreak of the war, and thus show a design quite unlike that of the other torpedo boats. Like their semi-cousins intended for the Russian Navy, they are more destroyers than torpedo boats. Apart from the four tubes amidships, they also sport two bow-mounted tubes able to fire straight ahead. All were built on the Germaniawerft shipyards in Kiel.

Ship data

Relative combat value: 531

Basic damage control capacity: 98%


Displacement: 1136 tons

Length: 95 m

Width: 10 m

Draught: 2 m

Standard crew: 104


Maximum speed (undamaged): 33 knots

Endurance: 6115 km

Coal capacity: 500 tons

Armour protection

Conning tower armour: 0

Hull armour: 0

Main belt armour: 0

Deck armour: 0

Best armour type: None


4 x 10,5cm Tbts K L/45, centrally controlled. Ammo: 320 rounds

2 x 50cm G7 Torpedoes, centrally controlled. Ammo: 2 torpedoes

4 x 50cm G7 Torpedo(V)s, centrally controlled. Ammo: 4 torpedoes

24 mines

Ships in class

  • G101
  • G102
  • G103
  • G104