HMS Neptune


This ship was intended to be the lead ship of a class of three. Further improvements on the following two ships, however, earned them their own class designation, and they entered the annals as the Colossus class. Neptune brought several new approaches to the construction of dreadnoughts and was the first ship to employ superfiring turrets in the Royal Navy, as she was the first to use asymmetric wing turrets in order to achieve a ten round broadside. She was also the first ship to employ the then-new system of director gun-control. Neptune was commissioned in January 1911.

Ship data

Relative combat value: 10433

Basic damage control capacity: 66%


Displacement: 19680 tons

Length: 166 m

Width: 26 m

Draught: 9 m

Standard crew: 759


Maximum speed (undamaged): 21 knots

Endurance: 11729 km

Coal capacity: 3500 tons

Armour protection

Conning tower armour: 11

Hull armour: 8

Main belt armour: 13.5 (includes backing slope of deck armour)

Deck armour: 1.75 (sloped at edges to provide additional belt level protection)

Best armour type: Krupp


10 x 12 inch Mk XI, centrally controlled. Ammo: 1000 rounds

14 x 4in BL Mk VII, centrally controlled. Ammo: 2100 rounds

2 x 18" Mk VII Torpedoes, locally controlled. Ammo: 6 torpedoes

Ships in class

  • Neptune