SMS Moltke


The two ships of the Moltke class were improved versions of their predecessor Von der Tann. Bigger and even better protected, they could carry an additional heavy turret, bringing their 28cm gun count to ten. The extra space also allowed to accommodate an even stronger power plant, giving the new ships an extra knot of top speed. Both ships bore the names of generals from the Franco-Prussian War, Moltke was named after the famed Prussian chief of staff whose brilliant strategy defeated Imperial France. Shortly before the war, SMS Goeben was detached to the Mediterranean to assist in the international intervention force for handling the Skutari crisis in 1913, and managed to escape from the Austrian naval base Pola to Constantinople when hostilities with France and Britain broke out. The Ottoman government purchased both Goeben and the accompanying Magdeburg class small cruiser SMS Breslau, but the German crews stayed on board and the commander of the German Mediterranean Squadron, Rear Admiral Souchon, was made commander in chief of the Ottoman Navy. The two ships and their commander played an important role in the naval war on the Black Sea against Russia. Moltke remained in the North Sea and became part of the Scouting Forces.

Ship data

Relative combat value: 18908

Basic damage control capacity: 115%


Displacement: 22616 tons

Length: 186 m

Width: 30 m

Draught: 8 m

Standard crew: 1355


Maximum speed (undamaged): 27 knots

Endurance: 7634 km

Coal capacity: 3050 tons

Armour protection

Conning tower armour: 14

Hull armour: 8

Main belt armour: 14.7 (includes backing slope of deck armour)

Deck armour: 2 (sloped at edges to provide additional belt level protection)

Best armour type: Krupp


10 x 28cm SK L/50 13.5, centrally controlled. Ammo: 810 rounds

12 x 15cm SK L/45 20deg, centrally controlled. Ammo: 1800 rounds

8 x 8,8 SK L/45, centrally controlled. Ammo: 1600 rounds

2 x 8,8cm Flak L/45, centrally controlled. Ammo: 400 rounds

4 x 50cm G7 Torpedoes, locally controlled. Ammo: 11 torpedoes

Ships in class

  • Moltke
  • Goeben (unavailable, away in the Black Sea)