Iron Duke

HMS Iron Duke


This class of four ships was the third class of super-dreadnoughts to enter service and the Royal Navy, the lead ship of which is now the flag ship of the Grand Fleet. They retain the 13.5" main battery of the Orion class and share many characteristics with the preceding super-dreadnoughts. One major step forward, however, is the upgrade of the secondary batteries from the light 4" to the heavier 6" guns. They entered fleet service between 1912 and 1914.

Ship data

Relative combat value: 16676

Basic damage control capacity: 75%


Displacement: 25000 tons

Length: 190 m

Width: 27 m

Draught: 9 m

Standard crew: 1022


Maximum speed (undamaged): 21 knots

Endurance: 14416 km

Coal capacity: 4300 tons

Armour protection

Conning tower armour: 11

Hull armour: 8

Main belt armour: 14 (includes backing slope of deck armour)

Deck armour: 1 (sloped at edges to provide additional belt level protection)

Best armour type: Krupp


10 x 13.5in Mk V 1400 lb, centrally controlled. Ammo: 1120 rounds

12 x 6in BL Mk VII(H), centrally controlled. Ammo: 2400 rounds

2 x 12-pdr 20cwt HA Mk Is. locally controlled. Ammo: 400 rounds

4 x 21in Mk II(M) Torpedoes, locally controlled. Ammo: 16 torpedoes

Ships in class

  • Iron Duke
  • Marlborough
  • Benbow
  • Emperor of India