Hamachi is a free software for creating virtual personal networks between several computers over the internet. Although it is theoretically possible to play a multiplayer Jutland game without it, the results are unsatisfactory, as lag and the subsequent drop of players are very common. These problems can be largely averted with the use of Hamachi, which makes the communication between the players computers much easier.

A. Installing the softwareEdit

Hamachi can be obtained free of charge (for non-commercial use) at the following web address:


Simply download and install it. The unmanaged variant will do for Jutland purposes.

B. Joining a networkEdit

Go to the "Network" menu and click on "Join an existing network". Enter the name of the network to join, and the password, if there is one.

C. IP addressesEdit

When joining a game, an IP address is required. Hamachi will give every member a unique address. When inside a Hamachi network, the IP address to enter in the game is the Hamachi address.