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Enter some details about the given ship (type) here. A few things about history, technology or both would be nice.

Ship data

Most ship data sheets will read pretty much alike, so it can't hurt to establish some kind of order that is strictly followed. That way, everyone familiar with it can find data quickly. Perhaps the data can be put in appropriate list or box form.

Relative combat value: x


Displacement: x tons

Length: x m

Width: x m

Draught: x m

Standard crew: x


Maximum speed (undamaged): x knots

Endurance: x km

Coal capacity: x tons

Armour protection

Conning tower armour: x

Hull armour: x

Main belt armour: x (includes backing slope of deck armour) (include or exclude depending on ship armour)

Deck armour: x (sloped at edges to provide additional belt level protection) (see above)

Best armour type: x


Main guns, centrally/locally controlled. Ammo: x rounds

Secondary guns, centrally/locally controlled. Ammo: x rounds

AA guns, centrally/locally controlled. Ammo: x rounds

Torpedoes, centrally/locally controlled. Ammo: x torpedoes

Ships in class

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