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The last class of British sub with a petrol engine. They have a short range and are reputed to have limited surface seagoing capabilities, but show a good underwater performance. Several of them are serving with the Imperial Russian Navy in the Baltic.

Ship dataEdit

Endurance: 1853 km
Maximum speed: 13 kts

Armour Protection
Armour: 1

2 x 18in Mk VIII Torpedo. Ammo: 4 torpedoes

Ships in classEdit

  • C.2
  • C.3
  • C.4
  • C.5
  • C.6
  • C.7
  • C.10
  • C.12
  • C.13
  • C.14
  • C.15
  • C.16
  • C.17
  • C.18
  • C.19
  • C.20
  • C.21
  • C.23
  • C.24
  • C.25
  • C.28
  • C.30
  • C.34

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