A further development of the Durandal class destroyer, with an increased speed but less range. Arquebuse and Musqueton were the first French ships to experiment with wireless.

Ship data

Relative combat value: 35

Basic damage control capacity: 101%


Displacement: 298 tons

Length: 58 m

Width: 6 m

Draught: 2 m

Standard crew: 60


Maximum speed (undamaged): 28 knots

Endurance: 1204 km

Coal capacity: 47 tons

Armour protection

Conning tower armour: 0

Hull armour: 0

Main belt armour: 0

Deck armour: 0

Best armour type: None


1 x 65mm M1902, centrally controlled. Ammo: 150 rounds

6 x 47mm Hotchkiss, locally controlled. Ammo: 1200 rounds

2 x 38cm Torpedos, centrally controlled. Ammo: 4 torpedoes

Ships in class

  • Arquebuse
  • Francisque
  • Harpon
  • Epieu
  • Sagaie
  • Javeline
  • Carabine (away in foreign waters)
  • Sarbacane (away in foreign waters)
  • Mousquet (†, sunk off Penang by the German cruiser SMS Emden on October 28th, 1914)
  • Fronde (away in foreign waters)
  • Sabre (away in foreign waters)
  • Dard (away in foreign waters)
  • Baliste (away in foreign waters)
  • Musqueton (away in foreign waters)
  • Arc (away in foreign waters)
  • Pistolet (away in foreign waters)
  • Belier (away in foreign waters)
  • Catapulte (away in foreign waters)
  • Bombarde (away in foreign waters)

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